The autumn “big” version of Windows should be released this week. What’s new?

On Wednesday, October 2, Microsoft will host an annual conference to introduce new Surface products. Most likely, however, it will show the latest major update of Windows 10, but it is not that big. It could come to users’ computers a few days later.

The autumn update of Windows 10, labeled 19H2 (version 1909), appeared in WSUS – the Windows Server Update Service. This indicates that it should be an RTM version that is already ready for deployment on computers. This would also correspond to the upcoming Microsoft conference on Wednesday. Here, it will show the new computers from the Surface line and with them the latest in Windows. So the deployment could be updated soon.

However, as previously announced, this year’s autumn version will be much smaller than all previous versions and will even be delivered as a regular Windows update as a regular monthly patch, so most users will probably not notice the installation. Microsoft is quietly getting to the stage where the spring update is larger and brings noticeable news, while the autumn rather bug fixes and small things.

Calendar – create new event

Improved notification and error management

There are not many updates, but some will be pleased. When you view your calendar in your dashboard, you can now create an event directly, so you don’t have to visit the embedded app. The notification center has added a link to the notification settings. These can be set for individual applications, whether they should also be pop-up or only appear within the center.

Third-party voice assistants can now work on the lock screen and fixes should overcome battery overuse issues, as well as high latency with some vendors and other small items. As part of the recovery options, there is also a new possibility to use system downloads from the cloud.

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