Phone companies to link Windows 10 PC to Smartphones

Microsoft is coming up with its all the latest invention of a special application for Windows 10 that is designed to make smartphone owners to close the gap that is existing between PC and handset users. The software developer is expecting that the new application companion will make iPhone and Android phone owners to get the installation of applications and services for their devices. Once installation is done on Windows 10 PC, the application that work as phone companion does work like a hub to make owners to download apps like OneNote, OneDrive, Office, Skype, Xbox Music and the most recently introduced Cortana application too.

The new application Cortana will be launched in June for Android Phones at a time for iOS that will coincide with the launch of Windows 10. While the launch of Cortana has grabbed people’s attention and interests, the greater has been the interest of Phone Companion application of Microsoft which will make smartphones to connect to any device such as iPhone or Android Phone. Particularly in the markets of the US, Microsoft has been late in the smartphone game launch and in Windows platform and had struggled to establish their base.

The application does not make any features that are specific to synchronize the phone and PC because all applications are pointed and designed having that in mind. Various office applications are designed with the intention of synchronization of documents using OneDrive, whereas OneNote does sync notes using Windows, iOS, Android. Microsoft is planning to advertise these features for the ones who want to buy Microsoft 10 PC which will be launched this year and it may not work necessarily.

As a part of Microsoft’s launching Windows 10 Insider Preview, the newly product phone companion application will be released within few weeks. Microsoft was recently launched a game known as Xbox One which is on the testing stage in Windows 10. It is not available as a full feature. Within couple of weeks, both the game streaming and phone companion will be available in Windows 10 process preview. This summer, users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 will be getting the free release of Windows 10.

The biggest advantage of Windows 10 has been that a single base for code is used and it will be used across all the devices and will work in all applications. By making it easy for iPhone and Android to be on board with Windows 10, it will definitely have a great appeal for millions of users and will increase in the coming years. With this launch by Microsoft, this could be the new beginning or a start to make Windows 10 application as software that would be loved by people around the world.

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