Microsoft sets off fireworks with Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14379 for PC and mobile

This is an operating system cutting across mobile phones and computers designed on a trial basis to prompt reactions on the pros and cons of the system with an aim of using the feedback to make necessary alterations.

A mini-vacation is greatly appreciated in the business world and celebrating the USA independence on 4th July was well welcomed by the Microsoft team by releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14379 for PC and Mobile to the fast ring. Dona Sarkar and team celebrated the 4th of July by releasing Build 14379 for both PC and Mobile to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring with another batch of bug fixes based on feedback. This is something that they had been working on for quite some time. Sarkar who is a software engineer, Windows and Devices Group noted that they were improvements on both PC and mobile.

The team fixed various issues where the size of the credential UI was not big enough to display the contents on a PC. They also fixed an issue where the Action Center might crash after dismissing a large number of notifications. They also fixed an issue where the reopening of the sticky notes app was difficult after minimizing.

In mobile, the team fixed a situation which could result to stray focus rectangle becoming visible in certain apps, such as Groove or Cortana, after bringing up the keyboard. They also fixed a situation where the aspect ratio of images on live tile wasn’t preserved if they need to be shrunk, leading to them appearing stretched.

The team was going to work on using Continuum from a phone on a PC via the Connect app which was not working. This was to be fixed in the next build. Issues that were recognized in the mobile include as follows an issue of the PDF reader whereby you are only able to open a PDF but not able to do with anything else. There are also issues of a decrease in battery life for older models such Lumia 820,920 and 1520. Issues of disconnection of Wi-Fi are being looked into. Microsoft has really been at it with builds lately; some would complain and others would just insist that there’s never too much. For those who have installed the latest build it would be interesting to get your comments concerning the matter.

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