Microsoft rolls out Windows Store update that allows you to choose install location for Apps

Installation of software has been eased by the coming up of store application. This process has simplified things as it does not involve any participation or intervention. You only select the app you want to install in the store, hit install and the store downloads and installs the app for you. However, there is the feeling that the process has taken away the power of control from the users.

Microsoft, by updating the windows store App in windows 10, has tried to fix the element of control on location of the apps installed. Windows 10 Anniversary Edition will now be asking the user where he/ she would like to install larger apps. This will give people with more than one hard drive the ability to move apps from one drive to another.

The improvement of the control element has earned itself a number of benefits. First, the users gain back their control of how their storage space is used and managed. Some people may argue that this is a retrospective step that takes them back to the traditional way of installing applications but in real sense it is a step towards the correct direction.

Secondly, taking control of how the storage space is used will enable one to install large applications and games measurable in scores of gigabytes that could not be previously installed due to storage space.

Thirdly, choosing where applications are installed has also been a benefit as one can prevent the installation of applications in the primary drive when one is running short of the storage space. Previously, you were not able to control the installation of an application in the primary drive even when the storage space was an issue.

In conclusion, where there are merits, you cannot miss some demerits. In as much as the windows store app in windows 10 has enabled users to control the places for installation of apps, there is a limitation to this control. The control is limited to applications and games that Microsoft decides are large and seek the intervention of the user in selecting where they are to be stored. This position may, however, change in the future though one should not be sure or anticipate for such.

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