Microsoft rolls out Windows Store update that allows you to choose install location for Apps 

Installation of software has been eased by the coming up of store application. This process has simplified things as it does not involve any participation or intervention. You only select the app you want to install in the store, hit install and the store downloads and installs the app for you. However, there is the feeling that the process has taken away the power of control from the users.

Preventing Microsoft from using Windows 10 lock screen 

Recently, some of the users have noticed that the images or the photos of their choice or the images selected by Microsoft are getting replaced with the ads of games.

Limitation of Windows store games 

With the launch of the Universal Windows Platform, the kind of featured games and apps that Windows Store had done not get a clear mobile focus.

7 old features that Microsoft will get rid of from its Windows 10 to optimize user experience 

Skipping the Windows 9 name entirely, Microsoft pulled the curtain back on Windows 10 in the year 2014. The great news is that the new OS is due completion and will be released on 29th of July this year. This has left the windows fans speculating, having high hopes and great expectations while looking forward […]

How Latest Windows Version Is Gaining Popularity 

Nowadays Microsoft is trying to bring about changes and modifications to its Windows OS. The recent one is the introduction of the Windows 10 which is going to get launched somewhat in July 29th. In the meantime, there are various users who download and install technical preview builds which works quite well on many of […]

Xbox One integration with Windows 10 

Xbox has changed the concept of gaming since it was first launched in the year 2001 and has been getting better and better with time. The brand was initially launched as Xbox console, followed by its Xbox 360 version and the most-recent version being Xbox One. Xbox One video game console has taken the gaming […]