Major update of Windows 10 Redstone going to change everything

While most people simply expected that the Windows 10 Mobile will be launched immediately, somewhat there is something else, which is gaining attraction. The desktop version of the operating system is getting a huge lot of attention. Now the first and major update of the Windows 10 was termed as Redstone.

This Redstone has already been rolled out to Insiders and it is done in the form of early preview build. However, there are various changes on the way. This is going to be the first time when we can see what Microsoft has been working on. However, the PR machine of the company has already started their activities. So, you can say that they have kick started into action.

Currently, the product managers have already got access to the exciting and new features which have simply promised to change everything and it can sometimes cause users to just freak out. Of course, if you think what these changes are, you are going to be disappointed as they are currently non-existent at this stage. Certainly, Microsoft is playing its card close to its chest until it is ready to reveal all the things at the Build.

So, despite the various number of Windows 10 installations Microsoft continues to brag about, for users it is still a nightmare as they have to constantly get accustomed to the niggling issues and the missed features. The only hope is that Redstone will be able to address these issues. Basically, this excitement started when the senior programmer Rich Turner updated the news on the Twitter using all CAPS, which displayed his enthusiasm.

And this tweet was followed by another one from Scott Hanselman who feels that this feature is going to change everything of Windows 10. Frankly, even though Insiders have already been tried to create the builds from the release branch of Redstone, it is now clear that Microsoft has certain surprises up its sleeve.

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