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July 29th was the last day for Windows 7 and 8.1 users to upgrade to the free version of Windows 10. And if you have missed this awesome offer or don’t want to take it even though the plan to upgrade is already circling in your mind, then the only option you have to purchase the copy of the operating system.

However, this is not entirely true. You can still get the Window 10 even after the deadline has expired. And that too you can get it free legally and without going through a tedious process.  Some months back (i.e. three months), Microsoft had announced that those customers having accessibility needs often use assistive technologies. They will be easily able to continue getting the Windows 10 for free.

Furthermore, the firm has launched the upgrade version of the website making it possible. As per the new website, it stated that the general public will be getting the free upgrade of the Windows 10 and this ends on July 29. But if you are using the assistive technologies, then you can still be accessible to the free upgrade offer. This is even though the general public deadline has expired.

For quite some time Microsoft has been trying to make various efforts to improvise the experience of using Windows 10 for people who are technologically advanced and interested.  For users who are using the assistive technologies, they do can the chance to opt for the free upgrade. So, to upgrade to the free version, all the user has to do is just click on the Upgrade Now button. And by doing so, the user is not only confirming to the assistive technology usage but providing a proof to the Microsoft about it.

Frankly, the upgrade offer and its extensions are not indefinite. Also, there is no word currently at the moment with regard to when the extension will end.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Windows 10 for free

  • My issue with upgrading to Windows 10 FOR FREE is that yes it upgrades you but it does cost you money as it deletes programmes which came with your equipment such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and the like and if you like to write letters use Powerpoint your stuffed. UNLESS you pay a monthly fee for Each programme so in the long term it does cost you money and a lot of money considering you had it from the start just another way of making big money by these Companies. Why if they are so clever make the programme which does not delete your own programmes without asking permission to do this to give you the chance to decide whether you want to pay for certain things before hand or leave the older Word well alone. Disgusted with Windows 10 doing this, I have letters and documents, a diary even photographs I can no longer access thanks to the deletion and am unable to take my system back to factory settings because windows stops you doing this also you can only go back as far there upgrade this should not be happening where is our choice. We don’t have any choices well saying that we do pay for it in the future, every month, for ever or simply have a useless system. I wish I had not bothered and have heard others say the same thing, so my advise don’t bother upgrading it, it is not easier to use, it is easier for them.

  • I really like the windows program an would love to see the new windows phone.

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