Availability of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14295 ISOs for download

Just a week ago, Microsoft had released the latest and new version of the Windows 10 Insider Preview build for mobiles and PC. Here the Build 14295 cannot be termed as one of the most exciting release, still it does have a lot of notable bug fixes and even Microsoft feels that it is somewhat stable enough for the slow ring.

This is great and welcome news for most of the Insiders who are simply not present in the cutting edge. Even there is good news for any individual who is just struggling for updating the existing Insider Preview build through the presence of the Window Update. Also, any person who is really looking forward for the fresh install or is trying to see if the new build works in the virtualized environment.

Now the good news is Microsoft has made this Build 14295 available for download especially in the ISO type of format. Here you need to keep in mind that most of the time the Build 14295 is used for bug fixing; still it follows from the Build 14291 which often delivers extensions to the Microsoft Edge. Here it even includes the pinned tabs and other kind of Edge enhancements.

Furthermore, there is the update Maps apps and the wealth of variety of changes. These changes consist of the introduction of the brand new Feedback Hub and others which is surely something to watch out for in this build. So, if you are not currently running the Build 14295 then you can download the ISOs from any online link. For that you do have to be a Windows Insider but you might not be able to join the program of which you are not basically a part of.

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