Antimalware scan interface to be introduced in Windows 10

An antimalware interface is enough for detecting all kind of malware products.

The world renowned computer software technology company, Microsoft, is going to introduce a completely new tool – Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) – for Windows 10. As a result, in the future, Windows 10 might be out of risk from the anti-malware program.

AMSI, the new interface, will help the applications developers to further strengthen the security of the application up. The application will be integrated with the AMSI without any manual support to the available antimalware program which is present in the PC. This will ensure that no malware code remains unchecked and escaped from it.

While other intelligent malware programs somehow skips the security scan of the computer and infect the computer, AMSI which is coming for Windows 10 only will send all the content for malware checking for local antivirus software.

Approximately, all the antivirus program check the user opened files. Until the malware code is opened, the anti-virus can’t detect the virus or malware files. But AMSI, the completely new service, can detect malware from files, memory, and the content source IP or URL reputation check. Moreover, in this case, the security measures of the AMSI ensures that the attacks to the memory are detected as well.

These are not the sole features of AMSI that the antimalware interface may handle. The interface will some other features added with it. AMSI can work with some other communication applications that allow the user to send and receive instant messages. The application scans the instant messages to identify the malware before it is displayed. The interface will even check the plugins which are required to for the games and make the PC safe for the users ensuring the presence of malware programs and routing them out while the installation of the games.

The Microsoft Company recommends the Antimalware Scan Interface for all the app developers upon the request of developing the antimalware programs from their apps. It recommends the third party creators also about the antimalware products if they intend to develop products and want to offer the best features to their apps.

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