Windows 11: update can lead to problems for millions of users

Microsoft recently announced that automatic upgrades to Windows 11 are no longer supported on many older computers. As a result, users who still install this operating system on their computer using ISO may have serious security issues.

Earlier in June, Microsoft announced minimum requirements for automatic Windows 11 updates. According to the manufacturer, computers must be equipped with an AMD Zen 2 processor or an eighth-generation Intel processor or later. He writes about it on his blog in a post entitled “Update on Windows 11 minimum system requirements”.

It was only after intense protests from users that Microsoft revised the requirements again, so that now the seventh generation of Intel Core processors and the first generation of AMD Zen processors could get into them.

Users of older systems also have the option to install a new operating system via an ISO file. However, this can lead to security issues and risks in terms of driver compatibility and system stability.

Windows 11: Microsoft’s high system requirements can pose a security risk to many people

Installing Windows 11 via an ISO file can pose a security risk to many users. The system installed in this way will not receive automatic updates or security patches.

Windows 11 can also be installed on obsolete computers and laptops with a small detour – in which case, however, the system will be without the usual automatic updates. This applies not only to the operating system itself, but also to the drivers that are installed through the update feature.

Users who do not want to do without Windows 11, even with an older computer, are exposed to a high security risk: without regular updates, it is much easier for attackers to attack user systems and cause great damage. For example, through ransomware, Trojan horses, and similar malware.

Due to the high system requirements of Windows 11, installing a new operating system via an ISO file is probably an attractive option for many users. Due to the mentioned risks, it is good to think about it, or after installation do not forget to install security patches manually.

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