New Edge available in beta version, according to Microsoft it is ready

Microsoft has recently released a beta version of the upcoming new version of its web-based Edge browser based on the core of Chromium’s open source browser.

Beta comes after previous development releases and, according to Microsoft, the new version of Edge is already ready for daily use, although it is still a test version.

Edge users who do not want to use early versions of the software, Microsoft recommends that they continue to use the previous version and will notify them in the future when to upgrade.

Beta is available for all supported operating systems, i.e. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and macOS.

For example, the beta version includes support for 14 languages, the ability to set the appearance of a new open tab, support for Internet Explorer 11 compatibility mode for browsing pages compatible only with this browser.

Microsoft announced its intention to discontinue the development of its own Web browser kernel and the switch to the Chromium kernel also used in Chrome and other browsers in December.

Microsoft Edge came with Windows 10 in 2015 and was built on the new EdgeHTML core. But the browser is at least in the interest of users at a time when the browser on the PC is dominated by Chrome before Firefox, failed and, for example, according to global statistics from NetApplications Edge in July, the PC share only 5.8%.

Microsoft presented the benefits of upgrading to Chromium to make its browser more compatible with websites, simplify the status for web developers, and improve the Chromium project by contributing and developing Microsoft. Mozilla behind Firefox, however, strongly criticized this step and pointed out the negatives and risks.

A new version of Edge can be downloaded from

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