Microsoft Won’t Produce Any Windows Versions In The Future

Microsoft Corporation, the biggest multinational technology company and developer of Windows Operating System (OS), will not produce any windows version in the future. So Windows 10 will be the last update of the OS.

Recently, in a conference, a Microsoft development executive, Jerry Nixon, announced that Windows 10, which is dominant in its kind, is going to be the “last version” of the computer operating system.

Several times, the comments of Mr. Nixon were imitated by Microsoft which said that the company will update windows continuously. Which means, in the future, Windows 10 will be updated in a regular basis through update installations, rather than it would be produced as a new stand-alone version. Windows will be delivered as a service in a continuous manner bringing new innovations and updates. Here the long future of the Windows OS lies, the firm added.

Steve Kleynhans, a research vice-president, who is responsible for monitoring Microsoft, warned that there will be no windows 11. He further added, Microsoft had deliberately averted applying the name “Window 9” rather it has chosen Windows 10. This clearly means that Windows 10 is a way to signify a break with the past. The past of the Windows associated with successive “stand-alone versions.”

As in every three years or so Microsoft would build “the next great Operating System,” this time, the developer will be freeze and develop a product based on the demand, the world urged 3 years ago.

Microsoft spent a bigger amount of money and deployed an effective marketing mechanism to assure the people that they needed the new version and it was better than any other version that had come before – in all its previous OS releases.

In this case, moving to a situation, windows will be a constantly updated service which will break the cycle and make Microsoft fix more with the software to examine new features and discover how customers prefer them.

Mr. Kleynhans said that most of the profit earned by Windows for Microsoft comes from sales of new PCs and it will not be affected by the change. Comprehensively, the decision, what Microsoft has taken, is a positive step. But it has some risks also. Microsoft will have to struggle very much to keep developing the updates and new features. This doesn’t mean that Windows will be stopped here and never move forward again, he added.

We are expecting a different thing. We wish that Microsoft will be able to gear up with its speed by shifting its updates.

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