Microsoft is going to make changes to Windows 10. New features will be independent of the system version

Microsoft’s current strategy is that large versions of Windows are released every six months. It broke last year in the fall, when it was just a small jump. And, as it looks, there will be changes in the future. The news will be delivered to the system gradually. First try everything on Insiders.

Microsoft has been running Windows Insider since the very beginning of Windows 10, and is designed to work with users to test new versions of the system before they reach the average people. Over time, individual channels have come to influence how you get early updates. Now it is likely that there will be a change in Fast Ring – a group of users with the earliest versions.

The main difference should be the system of issuing new functions. All that Microsoft is planning to make available in Fast Ring, no matter how early in the testing phase it is and whether it will appear in the next or upcoming major Windows update. Slower Slow Ring should then get the version of the system, which will be released in the coming months – now we are waiting specifically in March or April.

Features installed from the Microsoft Store

But on the Internet has leaked information that we may be able to install features directly from the Microsoft Store. This is where the Windows Feature Experience Pack was discovered. Informed by Windows Latest. This would ultimately be a fulfillment of Microsoft’s vision of separating the Windows kernel from the rest. The user could get basic Windows and then buy or install only the features he needs.

At the same time, Microsoft could transfer its subscription system, which it has already successfully deployed within Office. However, Microsoft cannot expect a monthly fee for some of the features available in Windows. The system could be used for example in the upcoming Windows 10X. This is intended to be a classic Windows core, but with a slightly changed interface and some other features for a special type of dual display device.

This year, apart from two major updates in the spring and autumn, we will probably see several new products in the Windows world.

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