Free upgrade of Windows 10 comes to an end as clock ticks

As people do take advantage of Windows 10 free upgrade, Microsoft has not being too hesitant in allowing it so. But now the clock is ticking and time is less. The deadline has been fixed and it is July 29th which is near. And Microsoft does have its own final push at the free upgrade.

Just 2 days left and an update has been provided to GWX informing that time is running out. To add to this dilemma, there is fear spread out in the internet world and a clock as a countdown to get users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.x to get into action. Windows 7 and Windows 8 users are being offered with various update and informing has been passed to remind people that time is really running out. The KB3173040 update does a possibility of either postpone or get the reappearance of notification to be done. Users of Windows 7 or Windows 8 could take advantage of upgradation of Windows 10 by clicking on remind me button and you could be nudged back after 3 days.

Instead, Microsoft has got the function and the word to get the GWX popup done. Also, added to that,  there is a button known as Upgrade and button as a link known as Decline Free Offer.

The screen does nag on another highlight issue especially for others who have not yet upgraded. It does point out that the upgrade does require 3GB+ of download. With anniversary of Windows 10 approaching which is on August 2nd,  ones who have not yet downloaded now will have to be satisfied with two downloads that are large in number. Microsoft has been a bit lenient by allowing users to directly jump to the update for Anniversary without using the basic and important step. Microsoft has given that extra freedom.

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