Creating a bootable USB drive for clean installation

The much awaited Windows 10 Anniversary update has been officially launched. This brand new release brings in various exciting features and lots of improvements. And this makes the OS refined and more powerful.  It is natural for you to create bootable USB drive that can easily perform the easy installation of the Windows 10 Anniversary update on any device.

One thing to keep in mind is that it is easy to create a bootable Windows 10 Anniversary Update USB drive. For this all you need is a USB drive, Windows device, ISO containing the Windows 10 Anniversary update, and some of your prestigious free time.

First thing first, you need to get the required Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO matching the Windows 10 license. Here, there are various files available and the best thing is that they are easily and clearly labeled. So, it means you can check out which has been downloaded. Now keep in mind that you can get the Windows 10 Anniversary update in either 64-bit or 32-bit flavor. You can select the one that is apt for you and you need to keep in mind of the device, whether it can handle the given 64 or 32-bit release.

Now how big is the USB drive or how much huge the USB drive needs to be? Here the reply to the question needs to be based on how large the ISO file which you have. But normally, a 8GB USB drive is enough. Even a larger one is enough, but that is not necessary. As this process involves transferring files, it is recommended that a fast and efficient USB drive is needed.

Once the Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO is over, the next important thing you must do is unplug and remove the USB drive of your device and then open the Command Prompt window where you can input the required commands and coding, to start the update.

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