Antivirus Programs Prevent Users from Installing Windows 10 Builds

If you are a Windows user, you might be familiar with the fact that the latest updates of Windows 10 usually do not get well along with the Antivirus programs. Every once in a while, Microsoft keeps on warning the users about the fact that they would be unable to install a Windows 10 preview build or an upcoming Windows 10 update in case they are using a third party antivirus program on their Windows computer.

The above story holds very true for the latest Windows 10 Preview Build 15048. Microsoft suggests on account of this build the fact that insiders are not allowed to get their hands on the latest build if they have any Norton or Symantec anti virus programs running on their computers. This fact also reminds us about the conflict between these third party antivirus programs and Windows 10 which has been going on for quite a while now.

When you go through the past few years, you will be able to notice the fact that the majority of the previously released preview builds of Windows 10 in addition to several public version updates also went through the very same issues. Different kinds of antivirus programs especially Avast and Norton keep the Windows users from installing any latest updates. It looks like Microsoft is interested in resolving this conflict as it asks the users to provide any additional feedback that might be helpful in this regard.

The exact reason behind this kind of behavior exhibited by the anti virus programs is still pretty mysterious and unknown. The fact that it is their fault or Microsoft’s is also pretty unclear. The only thing that is clear in this regard is the fact that majority of the antivirus software appear to be motivated in preventing the Windows 10 users from installing the latest updates.

In case you are one of the users who encountered this kind of issue, the way out of it is pretty simple. All that needs to be done while installing the new Windows 10 updates is that you have to disable the protection of your antivirus program and go on with the installation. Once you have installed the new updates, you can turn the antivirus program back on. In case the antivirus appears to be reporting some kind of threat or virus after the installation of the new updates, the apparently infected files may be whitelisted and you are good to go.

All the above mentioned arguments also suggest another question which makes us wondering if it is really necessary for us to install any third party antivirus programs in our computer when Windows 10 offers a perfectly good built in antivirus program? If we brainstorm for a while, we will come to understand that the built in protective system of Windows 10 does a pretty good job in its own. So we can easily survive even without installing any third party antivirus programs.

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  • The explanation is really very simple: Norton and Symantec have recognized Windows as the malicious, invasive software that it is.

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