Accelerate Windows 10 Migration with Windows Analytics

The latest development in Windows 10 is its speedy migration to a native operating system and this is possible because of Windows Analytics. Earlier, the migration was a costly and time-consuming process for companies but now this procedure has been transformed by Windows Analytics. With so much advancement, the enterprises can easily migrate their devices from earlier versions of Windows to Windows 10. Windows Analytics also lets the Windows 10 devices to get the latest feature updates quickly.

End-to-end understanding of adaption and deployment of Windows 10

Windows Analytics belongs to the group of services which are backed by cloud and it provides data based analytics or insights about the devices. With it, you can detect the problems, monitor the health of device and solve the issues occurring in devices you manage. This group of services make upgradation from old operating system to latest Windows 10 easier and streamlined. Your devices remain secured and up-to-date on Windows 10.

·         Upgrade Readiness

The diagnostic data is used for identifying and resolving compatibility issues between applications and drivers during the upgrade process. Once the device is updated with Windows 10, Upgrade Readiness will be the key tool for servicing processes of Windows and continuously providing the insights. This way Semi-Annual Channel feature of Windows 10 updates faster.

·         Upgrade Compliance

This feature provides a combined view of Antivirus status and Windows update of your devices. This helps in keeping your Windows 10 enabled devices up-to-date and more secure, irrespective of the type of management solution used. This diagnostic data of Windows update gives you instant information about which devices are lacking essential Windows Security updates responsible for the protection and security of your device.

·         Device Health

This feature helps the IT administrators to monitor and securely maintain devices. It uses data for identifying and reporting common device reliability and performance problems which may be experienced by employees in future. With this data, the emerging problems are solved efficiently and quickly. The common disruptive issues pinpointed by this feature are kernel crashes or issues related to third-party drivers. An insight is provided into the scale and scope of issues so that the focus can remain on alleviation and remediation over examination.

The right understandings for testing and execution planning

Windows Analytics is presently used in more than 200 countries by several hundred customers on numerous devices. There are many companies who are utilizing Upgrade Readiness for planning, testing and deploying Windows 10 on several devices as a part of migration process. This process is simplified by Upgrade Readiness tool. It collects the data of application, system and driver for analysis and then finds out the compatibility issues responsible for blocking an upgrade. It then suggests solutions known by Microsoft. To avoid the reviewing of apps, it automatically segments and group them for you. Then you will see all necessary statistics of apps and on the basis of this information, you get suggestions about which apps should be focused on so that the blockers (if any) can be removed.

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